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Looking for Producers, Musicians, Singers, Film makers and Creatives to collaborate with.
Working with other artists is something I really enjoy and feel strengthens ones personal ability.
I am always looking to learn myself and help others.

The links below include friends and the good guys that I have worked closely with over the years I have been making music. STREAKY -Thanks to the mighty Streaky G - Go nowhere else when you need it LOUD!!!! Thomas Johansen - Check out my buddy TJ’s page - Technically brilliant & extremely Creative - TJ is a Producer based in London and Washington USA. Martin Bailey - World Class Photographer - amazing talent...good friend and inspiration. Steve Lyon - Long time friend and Producer - Steve has worked with some real Rock/Electronica greats. Amplifier - Depeche Mode - Paradise Lost - The Cure - SOHO DOLLS and Recoil....Check out his work & bio here. Steve Power Producer - I first recorded with Steve Power back in the days when I was playing drums - This guy has produced number 1 Smash hits and worked with everyone! from Robbie Williams, Feeder, Tom Jones to name but a few.

I have such great memories of my sessions at the legendary Battery Studios with Steve & Co. Steve who aswell as being a World class producer has the best sense of humour in the business! Dominic Crane - Superb Songwriter and good friend - "He makes intelligent, well crafted, sophisticated grown up pop balladry that's designed to last longer than this week's fad” Steve Brown - Thanks to friend Steve Brown Awesome Film/TV & Music Photographer for the photography on this website

DALE CHAPMAN is a Producer at London Road Studios - Dale is recording and producing my new material - He’s pretty damn good #awesome

Milo Volt

Singer / Songwriter / Multi Instrumentalist / Creative / Camera Collector / Time Obsessor

E.P Tunes Release SUMMER 13
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London born Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Creative Artist.
Born to a Sicilian mother and English father in a q
uiet corner of North London.
My Father a drummer and Artist - he was my first inspiration.

From an early age I sat and tried to copy and play the songs I heard on the radio.
I enjoyed the repetition of practice and did it relentlessly until I could play the song back.
I was utterly fascinated with the shape and structure of music and the reasons why some songs worked so well.

What made one song “stand out” from the others ?
It wasn’t long before I began trying out writing songs for myself.
I then found my voice….. all I needed then was to find my own words.....Over time I found them….
My songwriting process often starts with a single spark…..that moment something clicks.
The very first time you hear that combination of notes together is a special happening…
You know you might just have something.

It’s the start of a brand new love affair...Could this be the one?


Subject is often varied but always influenced by the drama of everyday events.
Life...Love and Loss has kept me fairly busy until now.I can't help charging the most playful infectious chorus line with emotion.
It seems this is definitely part of what has now become my style of writing.
Happy or Sad - Music is a voice for all emotions – in a crowd or completely on your own there is a song that reaches out to you.
Like no other art form it has a way of taking you back to times you had long forgotten.
After some tough times, I'm back writing music....
I dedicate my work to those I have lost and to those who I love – I miss and cherish you all.


Inspiring and encouraging others is important to me - Music has given me so much.
When all around me are competing for position - I take comfort in my music and art
Like a remedy - it helps me see with clarity.

To all Singers / Songwriters / Musicians – your music will be part of our future.
With all of our incredible technology and instant communication we can reach our audience in a heartbeat.
There is nothing to stop you but yourself…. go create... make it one can take it away from you.


To all music listeners – We write what we feel and hope that it will one day touch your lives – Thank you for listening.
Music Brings People Together....Be Creative!

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